Enterprise Mobility Management


Mobile Device Management

  • Centralizing Management of Multiple Devices Operating System
  • Managing Using Owned Devices
  • Provisioning and Decommissioning Devices
  • Controlling telecom Cost
  • Ability of Managing Emerging Devices

Mobile Device Security               

  • Establishing Password and Polices
  • Encrypt Data
  • Back-up Data
  • Apply Security Patches
  • Software Compliance
  • Compliance Logging
  • Disable Lost / Stolen Devices
  • Remote Lock / Kill

Mobile Application Management

  • Enterprise App Store
  • Deploy and Update Apps
  • Apply Location Based Policies
  • Manage Back-end Load as Usage Scale

Mobile Application Development

  • Build apps for multiple mobile operating systems
  • Develop 100s of deep process apps, analytic apps and single purpose employee productivity apps
  • Leverage existing development skill sets
  • Reduce development time and support distributed development
  • Lower total cost of development